Have you considered working from home?

Flexible Working

The government have recently started a new rule meaning all employees with 26 weeks or more service will be allowed to request ‘flexible working’, which employers must now address in an appropriate manner. This means employees can now request to work from home, job share, have 0 hour contracts and many other arrangements.

What was it like before I hear you ask. Well, previously you only had the right to request flexible working if you had children under 17, caring for disabled or adult dependent.

There is a multitude of benefits now available for those employees with ‘flexible working’ hours, such as:

  • Reduced carbon consumption, fuel costs and commuting time
  • Avoiding traffic and the stresses of commuting during rush hours
  • Increased feeling of personal control over schedule and work environment

Or as an employer, you also reduce your businesses carbon foot print whilst developing an image as an employer of choice.

This now means that you can save yourself some time, money and carbon emissions by working from home.

Find out more here.

Why not try asking your employer if you can make your working times more flexible! Not only does it save you travel time, but also helps save the environment with less carbon emissions. Or, if you are the employee why not have a think about reducing your carbon footprint by allowing those 2 employees work from home 2 days a month say.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this or success stories. Please comment below, email us at travelplan@paulbashamassociates.com or tweet us @PBAtravel #flexibleworking


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