Driving Travel Planning Forward

PBA’s expertise in the field of Travel Plan Co-ordination has been recognised with two new additions to the portfolio. In taking responsibility for Travel Plans at residential developments ‘Cereston‘ in West Sussex and ‘Compass Point‘ in Southampton, nearly 2,000 households now benefit from PBA’s specialist sustainable travel services.

From the south coast to London’s suburbs, high density housing to residential estates, the issues presented by these different locations ensures that there is never a one size fits all approach.

Our Travel Plan philosophy is all about ‘getting out there’ and ‘joining up the dots’. Whether it’s to audit the local area, meet the residents, or spend time with our clients and local authority officers, we aim to create an active forum where each stakeholder remains well informed and involved in the benefits sustainable travel practices can bring*.

Complementing our expanding project portfolio, the PBA team have strenghtened its unparalleled experience of Travel Plan delivery with the recent introduction of employees with backgrounds in Housing Association and Local Authority Travel Planning. Continuing to gain exposure to all areas of PBA’s services, our Graduate Transport Planners  are also providing valuable and fresh input into the delivery of these projects.

Take a look at the team below..

The PBA Travel Plan Team

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