PBA Travel Go Dutch – Can the UK do the Same?

2,000 households. Excellent new team members. More project requests coming in. It appears that our travel planning services are catching the eye of a number of national house builders and large organisations. It has all got a bit exhausting for our team member Andy, meaning some battery recharging (electric of course) has been in order. And where better than a quick Eurostar jaunt to Amsterdam?


Of course, a little bit of annual leave did not mean sustainable travel was off the agenda (what else is there to do in Amsterdam?…). Indeed, this cheeky little getaway only fuelled the fire when it comes to intrigue and inspiration for our Travel Planning activities.3r


Returning to the office – with eyes now very much opened – Andy came across an article on London’s proposed ‘substantial’ cycle superhighway redesign around Oval Station. The images would appear to suggest a huge improvement is in store in our capital compared to the current ‘superhighways’ considered ambiguous at best.

When it comes to Amsterdam and cycling, it seems there’s nothing quite like it. There really are cyclists everywhere. Young female shoppers, men dressed in suits, er…stag do beer cyclebuses…and pretty much just everyone in between.

No helmet in sight; while cyclists seem pretty much oblivious to everyone around them, they appear completely in sync with one another, pedestrians and cars without a finger being pointed or spoke knocked out of place.








In significantly improving infrastructure in a place like London – where people are looking for more affordable and healthy ways to travel, where the streets are flat and well connected, and where shops, workplaces, transport links and everything else is within cycle distance – can we now look forward to something more akin to life for our friends in Holland? Or is Amsterdam’s cycling success down to more than the cycle lanes in place?

Of course, here at PBA we are doing what we can to encourage more of us to take to two wheels.

It may have been something to do with the sun, or something else, but the Dutch certainly seemed like happy, relaxed people.


Andy can vouch for the pleasure this mode of travel around the Dutch capital brings and highly recommends a day of bike hire when you make your own visit.4

The future of travel in the UK is hard to predict. But we will try our best to help the UK ‘Go Dutch’ and warmly invite you to get in touch as Andy and the team continue to ponder over such challenges.



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