A Journey Shared Is A Journey Halved!

At PBA, we promote the benefits of car sharing in our Travel Plan Coordination projects as a way for people to save time, money and help reduce traffic. My colleague Beth and I decided to take on the car sharing challenge for our daily commute to see what difference it would make for us!

Harry and Beth Car Share 2

After discovering that we live pretty close to each other and with our colleagues encouraging us to lift share, we agreed to give it a go. We decided to leave at 7:50am to give us plenty of time to pick each other up and avoid the worst of the Pompey traffic and get into work on time. I found that having the responsibility of having to pick up a colleague meant that getting up in the morning was a little bit easier than when I travel alone. We also agreed on a leaving time of 5:15pm, and luckily we had no issues with deadlines so we were able to stick to the agreed time, though this did highlight the potential issue of not finishing at the same time.

At the end of the week we used the Lift Share Calculator to see what savings we made. I discovered that driving alone costs me £6.09 daily, but lift sharing with Beth halves this cost to £3.04 per day. I have saved £15.20 this week and if continued for the rest of the year I would save a staggering £706.05! I would have also saved 878.5kg of CO2 being released into the atmosphere.  As Beth would make similar savings we both wished we had started lift sharing earlier!

The table below summarises the positives and negatives of our lift sharing week.

Positives to Car Sharing Negatives to Car Sharing
Our usual leaving time for work did not change so we could get up at the usual time. Issue of potentially not finishing work at the same time as your colleague if they have a busy day at work.
Our journey time was practically unaffected due to how close we lived to each other. Personal errands have to be sacrificed if you want to shop on the way home etc.
Didn’t arrive late to work at all. Anyone running late in the morning will have a direct impact on other lift share participants.
We both felt a responsibility to be on time for the other person (both when driving and being a passenger), and hence we both felt we were more organised in the morning as a result. If there is an emergency at home then this could leave one of the car sharers stuck if the other has to leave or vice versa.
Having company in the car.
Saving on CO2 emissions
Saving money!


After seeing how much money we saved (and could save over the course of the year) we decided to carry on lift sharing. The negatives of trying to finish work at the same time can easily be overcome with proper forward planning and in contrast to the positives, such as money saving and being more efficient in the morning, then it really should be considered by anyone who has the opportunity to try it out. What is the worst that could happen?

After news of our successful week car sharing and how much money we saved in the process spread around the office, our colleague Anisa is also going to get involved so we will be saving even more in the future! We hope our blog has convinced you to maybe try car sharing when National Lift Share Week rolls around between the 7th and 11th of October 2014! I know that I will.


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