Improve well being on your journey to work

A recent study produced by research at The University of East Anglia has found those who travel to work via their feet or bike are overall happier.

The research was conducted over a 10 year period, with data from 18,000 commuters of age 18 plus. Those commuters who walked or cycled to work felt they could concentrate better and felt less stress than when travelling by car. This research suggests that policies encouraging people to commute actively (walk, run, jog, cycle etc) could improve the nation’s well being.


The positive health and physiological benefits of walking and cycling are well known and this study reinforces this idea, by showing that walking and cycling can be incorporated into a daily routine without taking too much time out of the busy schedule.

The study in particular researched feelings of worthlessness, unhappiness, sleepless nights, being unable to face problems as well as other well-being factors including; children, income, moving job and/or relationships. Out of the 18,000 commuters, 73% travelled by car, 13% walked, 3% by bicycle and 11% by public transport. The study also claims that people feel better when they have a longer walk to work.

Now, last week’s blog post looked at one of our owns cycle to work, of which the feeling was not of joy or wellbeing but more of frustration. We find the main difficulty around walking or cycling to work is trying to fit it into a routine. We all know it takes longer to get your bike out the garage get your gear on and cycle to work, but then it is also the aftermath, having to change or shower before your shift even starts! A trick to the above is being prepared, studies have also shown that having your clothes and bike ready the night before means you are more likely to go through with the cycle as opposed to thinking you’re running out of time and end up driving! Why not have a go at trying the above and let us know how you get one! We know cycling to work isn’t possible for everyone (especially long distance commuters), and if you do struggle to fit it into your work routine why not try cycling to grab the milk you need as opposed to driving? This will help improve your health and well being!!!


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