New Technology Puts Buses in Pole Position

One doesn’t normally hear buses and Formula One mentioned in the same sentence, but that is about to change. Gyrodrive technology, pioneered by the Williams Formula One team, has been trialled in London and will soon be fitted to 14 new buses run by the Oxford Bus Company.

Formula 1

If you’re not up to speed with your Formula One tech, the Gyrodrive generates and stores electricity in a flywheel when the brakes of a vehicle are used. This electricity then powers an electric motor to assist the diesel engine when the vehicle accelerates. Whilst I’m not too sure on the science and / or magic behind the technology, I do understand that the resulting 20% reduction in fuel consumption and emissions is another positive step in making public transport and even greener option for your travel. And all this from a package that is designed to retrofit into existing buses without loss of seating space!

Whilst this is great news, I am more excited at the potential for the expansion of this technology to refuse vehicles, trams, the London Underground and Trains in vehicles designed from the ground up to accommodate larger, more effective versions of this sort of device.

I’ll be keeping an eye on other Formula One developments that could filter down to public transport as long as a helmet remains surplus to requirements!


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