Batteries Included

A five week trial of a new battery operated train has picked up its first passengers this week, suggesting the days of noisy polluting trains are a thing of the past.

Battery Train

Trials of the battery operated train occurred last year, with a successful prototype being trialed for the next five weeks. The train will provide a weekday service between Harwich International and Manningtree Station in Essex.

This idea is not new however as we last saw battery operated trains on our rails 50 years ago. Battery driven trains were used as early as World War One to transport products from munitions factories to avoid the risk of explosions from sparks emitted by steam locomotives.

Should the trial prove successful, a new fleet of battery-powered trains could be introduced across the rail network. This could reduce the cost of running the railway and create a zero emission form of mass public transport.

The only thing we can do now is wait to see just how successful this can be. Personally I hope to see the introduction of these trains in the very new future, not just because of the green benefits but also to reduce the noise for passengers and nearby homes.


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