Cycling License?

Here at PBA we love cycling (as I’m sure you can tell by our previous posts). But we only ever hear about the positives of this sustainable method of transport. Why? Well, because we think there are no real negatives. What happens, however, when a negative story crops up? We all become very interested, that’s what.


Recently, the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner has been quoted as saying that cyclists should, “wear some form of identification like cars have, so when they go through traffic lights you can identify them and prosecute them for breaking the law”.

This comment has sparked great debate in the office, with some agreeing with the comment, and others suggesting that the extra pressure will discourage cyclists to get on their bikes. Although identification may help to equalise all road users, should a person’s face be enough of a form of identification when riding a bike?

We would love to hear what you think; please post your comments below!


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