Driverless Cars – Have your say!

It has been announced this week that the UK government are considering changes to the Highway Code to allow driverless cars to be used by the British public.

Driverless Cars

These driverless cars have been trialled in Greenwich, Milton Keynes, Bristol and Coventry. But before we get too excited the levels of sophistication and safety needed for this technology won’t be ready until 2030.

The British Transport Minister wants the UK to be at the forefront of this technology which has the capability to transform our roads and open up new investment. Multiple companies are testing this technology including BMW, Audi and Google.

Personally I think this will take the fun out of driving, and also cause more people to jump into cars rather than using other (more sustainable) forms of transport as the benefits of some, I.e. the train, and the ability to get things done whilst commuting could be done from ‘the comfort’ of your own car (or own taxi service as it would be). There are also issues of accidents and who/which company is to blame and how that correlates to insurance policies.

We would love to know what you think! Will all our roads be filled with driverless cars? Are you for/against this technology?


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