London Underline

We all know that there disused tunnels and stations in the London Underground network, but what about if these become re-used to solve London’s cycle issues?

Being a capital city, London has more than its fair share of traffic and congestion which can put off even the most keen of cyclists. After all who wants to cycle through bus fumes and fight for their right on the road on a pedal cycle? Well, design firm Gensler has suggested the implementation of a subterranean network of cycleways. The project would turn abandoned tube tunnels into a useful travel network for cyclists and pedestrians across central London.

London Underline

A rendering of the proposal for the London Underline. Photograph: Gensler

The tunnels are proposed to be lined with cafes and click-and-collect points for online shopping, and bikes can be accessed in the tunnels in the form of ‘Boris Bikes’. There has also been discussion about converting the energy generated by friction from the bikes into electricity to power the lifts to the tunnels or getting a sponsorship for the tunnels to help generate revenue.

Personally I think this is a great idea! Instead of a wet, cold and windy walk around London, why not walk underground and potentially get somewhere quicker! However, as we enjoy discussions in our office there has also been talk about how this project is forcing cyclists off the road, and degrading them to the underground network.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter so please get in touch!


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