Cable Cars: The future of transport?

Cable cars are traditionally at home on snow covered ski slopes, however they are quickly becoming commonplace in major towns and cities. In particular many of the world’s developing cities are harnessing cable cars as a form of transport as they are deemed easier and cheaper than building subways or railways. Tourists have also taken to cable cars as a way to see the city from above, ‘a bird’s eye view’. In Rio de Janeiro a cable car built to connect the notorious favela of Complexo do Alemao with the city has been adopted by holiday makers as an affordable tour. In fact there is now a tourist ticket that helps subsidise the cost to locals.

Many more cities are soon to jump on the bandwagon. Cable cars are at the heart of the revival of Port-au-Prince in Haiti, Saudi Arabia’s Mecca and….Cardiff!, be it for tourist or transport reasons, or both.

Thames London Cable Car

Thames London Cable Car

Using cable cars as a form transport takes pressure of our roads, but just how practical do you think the idea is? We would love to find out what you think, so please get in touch!


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