Walk to Work Day is Back!

Walk to Work Day is fast approaching, and aims to encourage you to leave the car at home and travel to work on foot. This year’s Walk to Work day will be on Friday 7th April, what a great way to end week! To help you plan your route to work this Friday we have 5 hints and tips to get you on your way:

  1. If you don’t live within walking distance of work, you can still take part in the day by using public transport to cut your journey in half!
  1. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes, bringing your ‘work appropriate’ shoes with you in a bag or leave them in the office overnight. This way your feet with be comfortable on your journey to and from work.
  1. Wear weather appropriate clothing. This is a must when walking to work, cdaespecially during the spring. Check the weather forecast and bring an umbrella or coat with you just in case it rains.
  1. To make your walk to work interesting, set up the pedometer on your phone or smart watch and find out how many steps
    your journey involves.
  1. Is your route to work boring? Try mixing up your journey to work by planning a more interesting scenic route to keep you on your toes.

If you have any helpful tricks and tips for walking to work let us now by commenting on this post or by using #PBAtravel on social media. To help you plan your journey to work this Friday use the Walkit journey planner.


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