National Walking Month

With just a couple of days to go until National Walking Month takes to the starting line, we have provided some useful tips to help you make the make the most of the event. The aim is to walk for 20 minutes every day throughout May! It takes approximately 20 minutes to walk one mile, so by the end of May you could have clocked up 31 miles!!



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Top Tips:

  • Invite your family and friends: Not only is it a great way to spend time together but you can motivate one another with a little friendly competition;
  • Walk to work: With the spring air upon us why not change your daily routine and try walking to work this month;
  • Take photographs: Make sure you take lots of photographs on your walk and rate them online, that way others can enjoy them too.
  • Join a walking club: There are lots of walking clubs around so why not join one and meet new people.

The Benefits:

  • It keeps you fit and active
  • It doesn’t cost a penny
  • Provides exercise for the whole family
  • You get to know your local area and find the best routes
  • Meet new people and get to know your local community. Why not ask your neighbour?

Post your pictures on social media using the events national hashtag…. #Try20 and don’t forget to keep us posted! #pbatravel

For more information, follow this link;

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