France to be completely Hybrid by 2040

France plans to end all sales of petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040, in order to meet the ambitious target set as part of the Paris Climate agreement. This announcement comes after Volvo said it would only manufacture fully electric cars from 2019 onwards. Whilst it may be a challenging target to reach the decision ‘aims to find a way to fight against air pollution’.

Similar targets have been set in Norway, The Netherlands and India, who even aim to phase out non-electric vehicles by 2030. The UK has also set a similar aspiration, with all new cars in 2040 to have low emissions. Across the EU as a whole, only 0.6% of registered vehicles last year were electric.


Do you currently have an electric car? If you don’t, how do you feel about swapping your current car for one? Let us know your thoughts!


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