Are you Bike Ready?

Before setting off on your journey on the 13th September for Cycle to Work Day make sure that your bike is road ready with these 5 quick easy checks:

  1. Brakes

Pull the brake levers and make sure that the blocks bite early enough and give you the stopping power that you need. If your brakes aren’t performing as you’d expect you may need to have them replaced.

  1. Tyres

Spin the wheels to check they’re both round and true. If there is any more than a couple of millimetres of side-to-side wobble then the spoke tension may need adjusting. Make sure to remove any glass or stones that are embedded in the tyre tread to avoid punctures. Check the tread for excessive wear and the sidewalls for bulges. If you find any it may be time for a new tyre. Don’t forget to top up your tyres with air if they are looking deflated.

  1. Handlebars

Hold the bike steady and try to twist the handlebar forward in the stem clamp. Then hold the front wheel between your knees and try to twist the handlebar sideways as if you were turning. If there’s any movement, tighten the Allen bolts.

  1. Saddle

Check your saddle and try to twist it. If there is any movement check the bolts that hold the seat in place and tighten.

  1. Gears and chain

Check that your gears and chain are fully functioning and don’t forget to make sure that your chain is clean and well lubricated.


There are also several YouTube videos that can show you how to check your bike at home. We would suggest the Halfords Bike Check video.

If all else fails and you want to make sure your bike is up to speed, you can pop into your local cycle shop for a Bike Check, which at most cycle shops are completely FREE!

Let us know if you’re getting cycle ready by using @PBAtravel on social media.



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