Not a Bike Owner?

Want to take part in Cycle to Work day on the 13th September, but don’t have access to a bike? Don’t worry as there are now many ways you can get your hands on a bike whether you rent or buy second hand!

If you are located within inner London, Santander Cycles are a great way to get around. The best part about using Santander Cycles is that the first 30 minutes are completely free! Another alternative is renting a bike through outlets including Bike and Go, Nextbike and Hourbike, which have locations across the country and only require a small fee and code to unlock the bike. Renting a cycle for 24 hours can cost as little as £3!

If renting isn’t an option for you, charity shops, eBay, Facebook, Gumtree and Spock are great ways to get your hands on a bike at an affordable cost, and who knows you might end up with a bargain! Don’t forget there are prizes to be won as part of #CycletoWorkDay campaign by pledging your miles, prizes include several new cycles. Could you be a winner?


Let us know if you decide to get a Bike by using @pbatravel on social media!


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