European Mobility Week

It’s European Mobility Week from the 16th– 22nd September. Whilst we may be leaving the EU this campaign is a great way of pushing yourself to try out a sustainable travel mode. The campaign has been running since 2002 and has sought to influence mobility and urban transport issues as well as improve public health and quality of life. The theme for this year’s campaign theme is ‘clean, shared and intelligent mobility’ and will focus on encouraging car sharing, taxi booking platforms and carpooling.

Car sharing is a great way of travelling and can help you reduce the cost of your commute. There are many car sharing website which can help you find someone travel the same or similar route. Liftshare is a great website that can help you get started and the best part is it’s free to become a member!


App such has Uber have revolutionised how we book and take Taxi’s making them even more convenient to use at affordable prices. Instead of paying for parking and petrol why not take an Uber or taxi to work, the shops or school. That way you won’t be limited by time and you can even pre-book a taxi for your return! To find out more about the infamous Uber click here and don’t forget your local taxi companies are only a short phone call away.

Find out if your town or city is participating in #MobilityWeek by clicking here.


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