National Fitness Day

It’s national fitness day on Wednesday 27th September! National Fitness Day aims to encourage the nation to celebrate the fun of fitness by taking part in a physical activity. This year’s campaign #fitness2me aims to look at what fitness means to us by breaking down the barriers that stop people from being active. It can be tough to fit exercise into a busy schedule, so this is the perfect opportunity to try cycling or walking your journey to school or work. Take a photo or selfie before or after you travel and share it with @PBATravel and @FitnessDayUK.

In aid of the day a free work out event is taking place in London at Paddington Recreation Ground from 7am.  Let us know if you attend the free session, and you can register your interest at the National Fitness Day Website (Insert Link


Use the links below to help you plan your cycling and walking routes:

Find Your Nearest Cycling Routes

Cycle Streets: , Sustrans:,


Find Your Nearest Walking Routes

Walk it:, Hampshire Walking Routes: ,


Fitness is for everyone- don’t forget to let us know what activity you decide to take part in this week!


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