Lift Share week

It almost the end of September and the start of National Liftshare week, which starts on 2nd October and runs until the 8th. National Liftshare week does what it says on the tin- it aims to encourage car sharing for the week.

Car sharing is a great way to travel, allowing you the perks of direct car journeys while being environmentally friendly. You may even find love like Peter Kay! If you need help finding a car sharing partner, the LiftShare website can help you find people in your local area travelling the same or on a similar journey. You can even set up your own workplace or community page on the LiftShare website for free. Setting up your own webpage is a great way to make stronger friendships with colleagues and neighbours.

Here are some tips on how to make car sharing your new favourite way to travel:

  1. Join a website such a Liftshare or make your own car sharing group at work or in your local community. Don’t be put off by car sharing sites. They are there to help guide you and have received great testimonials from car sharers.

  1. If you’re not at work, ask your friends! Teaming up with your friends when going out for the day is a great opportunity for you to save money on parking and cut down your carbon footprint at the same time.

  1. Ultimately, car sharing is a fun and sociable way to travel and you might even made some new friends along the way. Why not try car sharing for the week and see if you prefer it over driving alone!


Will you take part and car share for the week with a co-worker or friend? Let us know by using @PBAtravel on Twitter.


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