The UK’s e-bike Subsidy

The UK government are considering subsides for electric bicycles as part of a policy effort to encourage more people to cycle. People purchasing electric or hybrid cars can receive £4,500 off the purchase price through a government subsidy however there is currently no equivalent available for e-bikes. The government e-bike subsidy scheme aims to encourage the uptake of cycling by making e-bikes a more attractive option for cyclists.


E-bikes are becoming increasingly popular, particularly for cyclists travelling long distances. As e-bikes can cost £1,500+ their price tag deters potential purchasers. It is estimated that currently 1-2% of all trips in the UK are made by cycle, which is considerably lower than many European countries.

If a subsidy was implemented would your purchase an e-bike? Have you ever travelled by e-bike?

Let us know your thoughts by using @PBATravel on social media.


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