Commute Smart Week 2017

Between 12th and 18th November 2017 Commute Smart Week aims to provide more suitable methods of travel to cope with the challenges that winter conditions have towards commuting, ranging from bad weather to disrupted travel.


It is important to implement methods to cope with the winter conditions as they can have an adverse impact on the efficiency of organisations due to prolonging commuting times and can hinder the safety of commuters.

Strategies promoted to enhance the efficiency and safety of commuters include:

  • Virtual Meetings: Engaging in telephone and video conferences via technological means will lessen the volume of commuters therefore reducing the amount of congestion.
  • Changes to Travel Times: Adjusting travelling times to avoid peak times will increase the efficiency of commuting by avoiding the rush hour traffic.
  • Remote and Agile Working: Encouraging alternative working methods, such as working from home or other convenient working locations instead of travelling to the designated workplace.
  • Smarter Working: There are numerous methods in which the working day can be altered to better accommodate the challenges posed by winter conditions. Some of the methods are flexible working, condensed working days and four day working weeks.
  • Road Safety: Road incidents increase by a fifth in the winter compared to the summer. By utilising initiatives to avoid commuting whilst engaging in work duties may help decrease the number of incidents.

If you would like to find out more information about how you could be better prepared to cope with the winter conditions on your journey visit


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