Road Safety Week 2017

National ‘Road Safety Week’ hit the streets this week with a number of schools, organisations and communities taking part. The scheme is coordinated by Brake, a road safety charity, who work to prevent death and injury, making streets safer and supporting victims of road crashes. This year Road Safety Week will run from 20-26th November, with the theme ‘Speed Down, Save Lives’ aiming to tackle speeding.

In the UK speeding causes needless crashes, untold suffering and stops people from living safe and healthy lives. The campaign raises awareness on the dangers of driving too fast and will focus on:

  • Fatal injury caused by speeding;
  • Rural roads are not race tracks;
  • 20mph is the only safe speed in heavily built up areas used by pedestrians/cyclists;
  • Going slow means that you can stop in time;
  • Speed cameras save lives; and
  • Intelligent Speed Adaptation is an important development that is likely to be fitted to all vehicles in the future.


Did you know that 23% of fatal crashes in Great Britain are due to speeding?

Knowing this now will you slow your speed? Or better yet use the week as a challenge to try travelling your commute by foot, bicycle or public transport? Let us know how you decide to take part by using @pbatravel on social media. Sign up for your Road Safety Week 2017 Action Pack by logging onto


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