WOW- Walk Once A Week

Active travel incentives to get children walking to school cost little but can have a big impact on congestion and people’s heath. Schemes such as Walk Once a Week or WOW is living streets’ year round walk to school challenge, which typically increases the number of primary school pupils walking all or part of the way to school by 23%.

The programme rewards children who walk to school at least once a week for a month with collectable badges. To make winning even more fun the scheme gets children from across the UK to design these badges in an annual competition, including a downloadable app to make them come to life!

According to WOW research only half of primary school children walk to school, with school trips accounting for almost one quarter of traffic on the road! This is despite 95% of households living within a 20 minute walk/bus journey from their local primary school.


Schools can get involved in the WOW initiative through a funded living streets project or on their own. Working alongside WOW gives schools the opportunity to organise events with locally based co-coordinators, including a visit from ‘Strider’ (the WOW mascot) or setting up a park & stride scheme. Working alongside living streets schools can help to identify and overcome their barriers to walking. The cost per pupil per year is only £1.43!

Want to encourage walking at your school? Why not sign up and join the WOW campaign and see how you can encourage pupils and parents to walk to school! Let us know how many badges you collect by using @pbatravel on social media.

Click here to find out how you can take part.


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