Dockless Bike Scheme

Many UK cities have implemented cycle schemes whereby members of the public can hire a bike for a small fee offering a more sustainable and eco-friendly means to commute, and the use of dockless cycle schemes are growing in popularity with Southampton, Bristol and Newcastle amongst others participating. The use of cycle schemes such as this coincides with cities’ initiatives to improve air quality and promote sustainable modes of travel.

The influx of bicycles on UK streets has caused some concern, predominantly with the dumping of bicycles, with cycles left on footpaths and have even been vandalised!

To address this, preventative measures are being implemented throughout UK. Dockless cycles have been fitted with GPS technology which triggers an alarm if cycles travel beyond the urban centre, meaning that all bicycles will remain in their designated city. Additionally, street wardens to look after and redistribute bikes, which will help to ensure that cycles are not left in obstructing locations.

Following ongoing improvements to the scheme, why don’t you get involved and try the dockless cycling scheme today.

Operators include:

YoBike: Southampton and Bristol

ofo: Norwich, Cambridge, Oxford, Hackney, Islington and the City of London

Mobike: Newcastle, Ealing and Manchester

Urbo: Waltham Forest


Source: Google Images



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