Oxford Bus Company launches ‘Uber for buses’

The Oxford Bus Company launched its ‘Uber for buses’ service this week. The service will offer students, workers and members of the public a new and alternative way to travel and promises to pick up passengers anywhere in East Oxford in under 10 minutes. Through the PickMeUp App (which sent live last Monday) users register and add a payment source. Once registered, the app allows users to order a bus to a virtual stop on demand, set up pick-up and drop-off points and even add extra passengers.

A typical journey costs £2.50, however, if the journey could be made by an existing bus route, this would cost an additional £2.50.

Pick Me Up

Source: Oxford Bus Company

The service has been launched in the east of the city to relieve the strain of commuting and improve the connectivity of bus services. The service covers a 12.2 square mile radius, which encompasses Oxford Station, Oxford Science Park, Oxford Business Park, the hospitals and Oxford Brookes University. The bus will operate between 6am-11pm Monday to Friday and 9am-8pm at the weekend.

To promote and encourage use of the new service, the Oxford Bus Company are offering a FREE PickMeUp ride during ‘Catch the Bus Week’, between 2nd-8th July. All you need to do is download the app and enter the code “CATCHBUS” to claim your free journey!



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