Network Rail submits the final proposals for phase two of the East West Rail Project

The final plans for Phase two of The East West Rail project have been submitted to the Secretary of State for Transport. The submission marked a significant step in the progress of the overall project which aims to provide a world class rail link between Cambridge and Oxford. Phase one of the project was completed in December 2016, providing rail travel between Oxford and Bicester. If approved, phase two of the project will allow for trains to run between Oxford and Bedford, and Milton Keynes and Aylesbury for the first time in over 50 years.

East West Rail Image.png

Source: Network Rail

The proposed works will involve major track and signalling upgrades, including the reinstatement of a mothballed section of the track, between Bletchley and Claydon Junction. A new station would also be provided at Winslow.  Colin Murphy, from Network Rail, said “Once completed, the new railway will connect communities and businesses along the route and beyond, creating new opportunities for jobs, housing and economic growth”.

The East West Railway Company hopes to begin work on the second phase of the project next year, reducing journey times within the region and bringing together key economic and cultural hubs.

All submission documents are available at Could these improvements better improve your journey? Let us know your thoughts!



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