Cycle to Work Day – 15th August 2018!



Cycle to work day is back to encourage us all to take a more sustainable route to work this year. It’s hard to know how cycling would fit into a busy lifestyle, so Cycle to Work day is the perfect time to try it out. According to Cycling England, an individual could save upwards of £500 a year if they switched to cycling for their commute to work. It’s a great way to incorporate some exercise into a 9-5 life too, with your body continuing to burn calories hours after a 30-minute ride. And if you need any more encouragement, cycling makes you happier! Not only will you be able to leave the traffic jams behind you, there are suggestions that cycling can reduce stress, improve sleep patterns and boost self-confidence and overall mood. If your route is too far to cycle, how about cycling to/from the bus or train station? And it’s not just for those traveling to work, whether you’re travelling to school, college or elsewhere, leave the car at home this Wednesday!

Did you know…

  • On average, cyclists take one fewer sickness days every year – saving the economy £83m a year

  • Cars give out approximately 22% of CO2 emissions, and cycling to work could save about 6% of your carbon footprint.

  • The estimated annual cost of cycling to work is £396, comparing to £625 and £3727 for train travel and private car respectively.

Over 315,000 miles have been pledged so far! For more information, or to pledge your Cycle to Work Day miles visit the cycle to work day website online at Once pledged, you can get a £30 voucher to spend on ‘Specialized’ and ‘Cannondale’ bikes, and are in with a chance of winning prizes including brand new bikes and cycling accessories. Do not forget to let us know if you take part!


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