Cutting Congestion with a £10M Digital Journey Planner

A transport planning system allowing local authorities and utility companies to share and record data on roadworks is on the horizon following a £10million investment from the Department of Transport. The service named ‘Street Manager’ has been in development for several years, following the current EToN system being deemed ‘costly and ineffective’. Street Manager is currently being built and tested with a small group of users and receiving feedback to ensure the service works efficiently.

This digital service will allow local authorities and utility companies to coordinate through open data platforms to better manage their planned roadworks and minimise disruption. However, for Street Manager to work seamlessly, Local Authorities need to be using a permit scheme for roadworks. Highway works may not be included on Street Manager if Local Authorities using notice schemes neglect to notify all their utility and highway works. Currently, around 40% of local authorities are still working under a notice scheme, which could potentially lead to omissions within Street Manager’s data and therefore reducing effectiveness.

traffic jam

The digital transport planner will be the latest technological advance to reduce congestion and will allow tech giants such as Google Maps and Waze to relay accurate real-time travel information. Developers of the planner hope that Street Manager will lead to the creation of new products from companies like Google to help drivers avoid traffic and reduce travel times.

With surveys reporting that an average British driver spends over 30 hours stuck in traffic every year – it is clear that a new solution is necessary.



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