Work Begins on New Continuous, Safe and Segregated Cycle Paths in Southampton

As part of Southampton City Council’s ‘Cycling Southampton’ ten year strategy to develop the Southampton’s Cycle Network (SCN). Work will begin on a £1.4million project to deliver continuous, safe and segregated cycle paths along both directions of Inner Avenue, which will form part of the SCN5 Northern Cycle Freeway. The freeway when complete will link the City Centre to Chandlers Ford. This will be a key improvement as part of the SCN5 Northern Cycle Freeway with the new lanes extending from Lodge Road to Charlotte Place southbound and from London Road to Banister Road northbound

Works are planned in several phases starting on Monday 11th February at the junctions of London Road, Rockstone Place and Archers Road and is expected to last 20 weeks. There will be improvements to crossing points and continuous footways over the side roads onto Inner Avenue to provide safe crossings for pedestrians and cyclists.

This £1.4 million scheme is funded through the Local Transport Plan and DEFRA’s Joint Air Quality Unit Clean Air Zone funding. This is a significant step for the city in developing safe and direct facilities for people to cycle in and support more people to get around actively.



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