The Department for Transport have announced £48 million funding to reduce bus emissions across the UK

As part of the announcement, The Department of Transport have announced that 263 new ultra-low emission buses will be introduced, therefore doubling the number of buses in the UK fleet. This £48 million investment comes from the Office for Low Emission Vehicles and will specifically fund new green vehicles and infrastructure to clean up the air in towns and cities. This funding will help to meet low emissions targets in the government’s Clean Air Strategy, published in January 2019.

Nineteen successful bidders across England and Wales will receive funding to purchase ultra-low emission buses with the supporting infrastructure, including charging points. The successful areas include London, Cardiff, Nottingham, parts of the West Midlands and Yorkshire.

This £48 million fund is the latest in a long line of investment that is designed to promote and drive the uptake of zero emission vehicles. Britain hopes to become a world leader in the zero-emission revolution, ensuring that the UK has cleaner air, a better environment and a more resilient economy.

However, buses are not solely about cleaning up the air in towns and cities, they are key for older and vulnerable people to facilitate social connections. Minister Nusrat Ghani announced a partnership at the UK Bus Summit, with Greener Journeys to highlight the pivotal role that the bus industry has in tackling loneliness and social isolation. Specifically, the partnership will see companies pledge to do all they can to tackle loneliness, such as innovative vehicle design or initiatives to encourage passengers to talk to each other.

Greener Journeys have announced schemes such as Go Ahead’s ‘Chatty Bus’ campaign which encourages conversations between passengers and Stagecoach’s ‘Hattie’, a community bus from Stagecoach specifically designed to promote a safe place where passengers can meet and chat to new people.

The full article can be found here:

funding winnersImage showing successful bidders (Source: Department for Transport)


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