Ride to Work Week

25th March marks the start of Ride to Work week, hosted by Love To Ride UK. Switching to two wheels for a week will not only save you money, it’ll increase your fitness and reduce pollution in your area. Why not set yourself the challenge and see how much money you can save?

Did you know that more people riding to work reduces:

  • Illness and sick leave – cycle commuters are fitter and healthier, taking half the sick leave of their non-cycling colleagues
  • Stress and anxiety – people who ride to work regularly report improved mental health
  • The cost of commuting – the average UK worker spends £146 monthly, or £135,000 over their working life
  • The cost of public health – the NHS could save billions through reduced obesity, diabetes and heart disease
  • Congestion and pollution, which contributes to 40,000 premature deaths annually in the UKRide to work

As spring sets in and the evenings get lighter, cycling is a such more leisurely alternative to driving, it might even encourage friends and family to do the same. Sign up at www.lovetoride.net to record your rides, unlock an exclusive discount on Amazon and be entered into prize draws.




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