Sustrans Big Pedal 2019

Sustrans Big Pedal 2019 is the UK’s largest inter-school cycling, walking and scooting challenge. The Big Pedal will run between the 25th March and 5th April 2019 and Sustrans are aiming to make the Big Pedal 2019 the biggest year yet.

For the first time, walking will be counted alongside cycling and scooting. This challenge aims to encourage pupils, staff and parents to cycle, walk or scoot to school instead of using the car.

Individual classes or entire schools can get involved with the scheme where the aim is to record the greatest number of pupils, staff and parents cycling, walking or scooting to school.

A school’s best five days will determine their final position, but they can log journeys on all ten days if they wish.

Pig Pedal

For schools unable to take part in the five day event, a one-day challenge is available, which can include cycling, walking and scooting activities in the school day as well as on the journey to school.

The years theme is ‘Travelling around the body’, with pupils tracking their progress on a wall chart, learning about the human body and the health benefits of active travel.

To celebrate the finale of the challenge there is also the option to join in with the superhero fundraiser day, which is raising money to help Sustrans enable children to use active travel every day – making the school run safer and healthier.

All schools that are registered will be entered into daily prize draws for exciting rewards including equipment and accessories, if more than 15% of your school cycle, walk or scoot on each day of the challenge.

For more information and to register visit


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