Walk to School Week

Walk to School.JPG

Walk to School Week is an annual initiative run by Living Streets which aims to encourage walking amongst children. This year the initiative will be taking place between the 20th-24th May but it’s no ordinary Walk to School Week…this year Living Streets will be celebrating the 90th anniversary of the event and would love as many pupils as possible to join in the fun.

Every year there’s a theme, and for 2019 Living Streets will be taking pupils on a special walking journey re-tracing the steps of their greatest achievements over the course of the last 90 years. The classrooms packs and activities have been designed to make pupils feel empowered to change their walking environment for the better: they’ll experience first hand the importance of walking to school.

Why the Walk to School Matters!

  1. Happier Children: It’s been proven that children who do some form of exercise, especially a walk before school, do better in class because they arrive refreshed, fit and ready to learn.
  2. Less Congestion: During morning peak traffic times, one in five cars on the road are taking children to school, contributing to congestion, air pollution and carbon emissions.
  3. Cleaner Air: The school run alone is responsible for generating two million tonnes of carbon dioxide per year. Imagine what we could achieve if we began converting some of these rides to strides.


To download your ‘Family Walk to School Kit‘ and join the one million pupils already enjoying the benefits of walking to school across the UK, visit the Living Streets Website


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