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This Travel Plan website is brought to you by Paul Basham Associates. This website will provide you with up to date information about fun alternative ways to travel to work, school or your local football match! Each of our Travel Plan locations have their own personalised page which informs you of your local bus, cycle and train routes, as well as local events in your area.  We also have a dedicated news page, updating you on local travel events and fun travel ideas. These posts aim to get you thinking about your travel, so please let us know your thoughts by tweeting us using @PaulBashamAssoc.   

If you would you like to know other ways of how you can travel to work, the shops, or the gym, please email us for for your own FREE Personal Travel Plan. Your Personal Travel Plan will have details on the different ways of travelling, the length of the journey, if using a bus; which bus route, and the local stop. If cycling it will show you the route along with the gradient. All we need is your name, email address and some information about your journey sent to us at travelplan@paubashamassociates.com.