Travelling to School

As feedback from the Travel Survey, you asked us to provide you with walking and cycling links to local schools, as well as schools within Bursledon and Hamble. We have created this webpage for you to help you understand how you can travel to school sustainably!

The majority of schools in your local area have safe walking and cycling routes available. For schools in Bursledon and Hamble, safer routes are often longer. However, we have provided you with information below on the safe routes to these schools and alternative ways to travel. Most schools in your area also offer a Park and Stride Scheme which allows children to be dropped off at a designated location and finish their journey by walking, to ease congestion at the school and create safer environments for children.

School Travel Plans at Catchment Primary Schools

Bursledon CofE Infant and CA Junior School – currently hold the Bronze Modeshift STARS Award for Active and Sustainable Travel.  Bike and Scooter racks are available at both school sites to encourage active travel. There is also a Park and Stride Scheme set up with parking set up from the Lowford Community Centre. For more information, visit:

Kings Copse Primary – Bike sheds and cycle training available to all KS2 pupils to encourage cycling and Park and Stride scheme. Find out more information at:

School Travel Plans at other local schools

Wildern School – Secure Cycle parking spaces available on school grounds. Park and Stride Scheme. More information on active school travel can be found at:

Park and Stride

…is the perfect way to tackle congestion on the school run, keeping children safe and allowing parents to drive part the way to school (when needed!).

The idea behind the scheme is Children can be dropped off at a designated site and walk the rest of the way. School gates will be clear of traffic and toxic fumes whilst parents could be back at their car and off to work in the time they would have been sitting in traffic.

All schools promote Active Travel and are keen for pupils to take park in events throughout the year including:

Sustainable Travel EventDates
National Walking Month 20231st – 31st May 2023
The Sustrans Big Walk and Wheel20th – 31st March 2023
Paths for All Spring Step Count Challenge1st May 2023 (for 8 weeks)
Walk to School Week15th – 19th May 2023
Bike WeekJune 2023 – TBC
Great Big Green Week10th – 18th June 2023
Love to Ride for Cycle September 20231-30 September 2023
International Walk to School MonthWhole of October 2023
Paths for All Step Count Autumn Challenge 202330th October – 26th November 2023

Getting to School in Bursledon (Catchment Primary Schools)

Although not the most direct route, this route to Bursledon CofE Infant School and Bursledon CA Junior School provides footways and appropriate crossing points for the entirety of the route. Alternatively, you could you the Park and Stride Scheme which allows you to park at Lowford Community Centre and walk the rest of the way to school.

The cycling routes is primarily on-road, so should only be used by competent cyclists.

However, if you feel safer by driving or need to make a journey after dropping your children at school, why not make use of the Park and Stride scheme set up in the schools travel plan? A Park and Stride has been set up from the Lowford Community Centre to allow those who have to drive, to park away from school and walk the last seven minutes to help ease congestion and make the roads closer to the school safer.

Getting to School in Hamble

The map shows the most direct routes with appropriate footways and crossing points to The Hamble School (Catchment Secondary School) and Hamble Primary School for Pedestrians and Cyclists.

For most of the route, until the cycle lanes along Hamble Lane, cyclists will be required to ride on the road.

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