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Welcome to the Harnham Park Travel Plan Site.

Hello Harnham Park resident! Welcome to your Travel Plan page

Here at Paul Basham Associates we are your ‘Travel Plan Coordinators’ which means we are here to help you make informed travel choices and provide advice on your local area and the surrounding travel opportunities.

This page intends to keep residents up to date on local information such as:

  • Local shops/centres
  • Rail timetables
  • Bus Stops and timetables
  • Cycle Routes
  • Local travel information

Much of the information provided on this page is through website links to ensure that the information we give to you is up to date, particularly with bus and rail timetable information!

Your Local Area

Your new home is in proximity to numerous facilities located in both Harnham and Salisbury. Harnham has a small number of facilities and amenities which may meet your needs, but if not, you are only approximately 3km from Salisbury City Centre which has a more comprehensive selection available. We have provided a handy map below which gives an indication as to where you may find certain facilities.

Connecting Wiltshire

For help planning your journey, take a look at Connecting Wiltshire. Providing up to date traffic, bus and train updates, Connecting Wiltshire helps with your everyday travel choices, along with providing information on news, events & projects in your area to help you travel with ease.

For more information visit: www.connectingwiltshire.co.uk/


Salisbury is easy to explore on foot!

Benefits to walking include:

  1. Increasing your cardiovascular fitness
  2. Lowering anxiety and stress
  3. Boosting your energy and improving your mood
  4. Strengthening your bones, improving your balance and boosting your muscle power

South Wiltshire Ramblers

An active friendly walking group based in Salisbury with short walks on Tuesdays and Thursdays and all day walks on Sundays. There’s something for everyone! Take a look at : www.wiltsswindonramblers.org.uk/index.php/south-wiltshire-ramblers

Salisbury and Wilton walking routes

There is a walk for everyone! With a range of walks from walking into the city, exploring the city and longer routes to the countryside.

Here you can find a link to a map of Salisbury and Wilton walking routes: www.connectingwiltshire.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/Salisbury_Walking_Map_2021_WEB.pdf


Cycling from Harnham Park is quick and easy. Salisbury has lots of recommended cycle routes and both NCN route 24 and 45 run through Salisbury itself. Route 24 runs from Bath to Eastleigh and Route 45 is part of the Wiltshire Cycleway. You can find out more about these routes at https://www.sustrans.org.uk/national-cycle-network/

Visit Connecting Wiltshire to help you plan your cycle!

Co Bikes electric bike station is now being installed at Salisbury Train Station. These will be able to be hired through the nextbike app and cost £1 per 20 mins! For more information visit: www.connectingwiltshire.co.uk/2019/08/salisbury-train-station-to-get-e-bikes-following-successful-south-western-railway-bid/

Here you can find a link to Salisbury cycle map: www.connectingwiltshire.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/Salisbury_Map_Aug-2017.pdf

Google maps have now added new and improved cycle route information, take a look here: www.google.co.uk/maps/@50.8501861,-1.171276,14z

Benefits of Cycling:

  • Decreases your stress levels
  • Improves posture and coordination
  • Strengthens bones and improves joint mobility
  • Reduces congestion
  • Saves you money
  • Increased cardiovascular fitness

When you are cycling it is important that you stay safe and follow the highway code! We have provided a few handy tips below:

  • Look and signal to show drivers what you plan to do, make eye contact where possible.
  • Wear a correctly fitted cycle helmet that is securely fastened
  • Where possible, try to maintain a safe distance when you cycle
  • Wear high-visibility and reflective clothing and accessories at all times


Harnham is well served by a number of bus routes operated Salisbury Reds. Your closest stop is located on Netherhampton Road. A summary of the routes and timetables is outlined below, along with relevant links to the page.

R5 – West Harnham to Salisbury City Centre

Every hour between 0600 and 2300 – Monday to Saturday and between 0900 and 1900 on Sundays

Closest West Harnham Upper Street- Buses between 0636 and 2311-Monday to Friday, Between 0656 and 2311 on Saturday and between 0918 and 1916 on Sundays (Relevant as of August 2022).

R14 – City Centre – Harnham Hill  

Every hour between 0900 and 1630 – Monday – Friday and 0900 to 1515 on Saturdays – No buses on Sundays or Bank Holidays

Monday to Friday run between 0916 and 1634, on Saturdays run between 0916 and 1511 (Relevant as of August 2022).

Find out all the latest information at: www.salisburyreds.co.uk/

To make taking the bus even easier, why not download the ‘Salisbury Reds’ App! It allows you to purchase tickets from your phone, check timetables and get real-time bus information.

Why take the Bus?

There are many reasons why you should started considering using the bus, such as:
– The walk to and from the bus is a great way to incorporate some physical activity into your daily routine.
– You have the opportunity to relax whilst on your journey and could even proactively use your time, such as reading a book.
– Season tickets could offer unlimited travel services and can provide cheaper alternatives than running a car.
– Contributing towards cleaner air.


Salisbury Train Station is located approximately 1.5miles north of Harnham Park, accessible via a 30 minute walk or 10 minute cycle, with cycle hub for standard bikes.

Salisbury station is a key hub for rail travel in the area, with frequent services to destinations including London Waterloo, Portsmouth, Cardiff, Basingstoke and Exeter.

To see the live departure board, visit the National Rail website here: https://ojp.nationalrail.co.uk/service/ldbboard/dep/SAL

Even better, National Rail offers a text service for when you are on the move. Take a look at : www.nationalrail.co.uk/times_fares/TTT.aspx?query=dep%20EDB

Sustainable Driving

We understand that sometimes driving is the only option. Therefore, using sustainable driving practices such as car sharing can help save you money and reduce your impact on the environment!

Why not give lift-sharing a go. Wiltshire’s scheme is part of the national Liftshare network which allows you to find drivers or passengers to share your journey. This helps to save money, reduce congestion and allows you to meet new people. Find out more at: https://liftshare.com/uk/community/wiltshire .

Journey Planners:

If you need help planning your journey by car, bus, cycling, walking or train, why not use Wiltshire’s journey planner, available online at: https://www.connectingwiltshire.co.uk/plan-a-journey/

If you need help planning your journey by bike, why not use https://www.cyclestreets.net/

For help planning your bus journey in the local area, visit https://www.salisburyreds.co.uk/plan-your-journey

If you need help planning your train journey, visit www.nationalrail.co.uk or www.thetrainline.com

Or if you want to ask us a question, please email travelplan@paulbashamassociates.com

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