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Welcome to Credenhill’s Travel Plan Site

Hello! And welcome to your Travel Plan website.  As you Travel Plan Coordinators, we are here to help you utilise the best of your local area, by providing you with up-to-date travel information for accessing facilities, local services, and public transport services.  This page is designed for you, and we want you to find the best way to travel.

On this page, you can find information on:

  • Local area
  • Bus routes and timetables
  • Train services and station facilities
  • Local cycle network
  • Pedestrian walking routes
  • Groups in your local area
  • Local travel news

This page was late updated: October 2022. 

Your Local Area

Your new home at Credenhill is well located to a number of local facilities and amenities.  Within a 10-minute walk from Credenhill, the ‘Jellicoes Way’ bus stops, providing regular services to Hereford, can be reached.   As well as this, the shared cycleway/ footway is provided at the main access to your site providing a dedicated off-road cycle facility from your new home towards Hereford. 

The local shops and facilities within Credenhill are located along Station Road, a maximum of a 27-minute walk from your new home.  The local school is located at the top of Station Road (17-minute walk) whereas the Community Hall is located at the bottom (27-inute walk).  Footways beginning within your site are continuous to Station Road and along it, provide and dropped kerbs, street lighting and a signalized crossing points which help to create a safe walking environment. 

The map below shows the available facilities within a 10-, 20- or 30-minute walk within Credenhill in relation to Credenhill: 

Credenhill Local Area

Local Cycle Network

Cycling is a great way to make small journeys, is a fantastic form of exercise and helps to reduce traffic congestion and pollution.

As already discussed, a shared cycleway/ footway is provided alongside the A480 at Credenhill’s access.  This cycle route provides a dedicated off-road cycle facility from the site towards Hereford and the National Cycle Route 44.

Cycle Training

Herefordshire Council are offering free cycle lessons for adults with Bikeright which is an exclusive opportunity for Herefordshire residents.  This 1-to-1 cycle training sessions are tailored by professional instructors to suit your individual abilities and goals.  If you don’t have a bike and still want to learn, Hereforshire Council will provide you with a bike free of charge for the duration of your training session.

Beryl Bikes

Beryl Bikes is a shared bike-hire scheme that aims to encourage cycling within the local area and get more residents on bikes to travel sustainably to their local facilities, places of work/education or for leisure.  Within Hereford, 200 Bikes and 30 e-Bikesavailable from 65 Bays. 

The closest parking bay to Sites Name are along Sandown Drive which has capacity for 5 parked bikes. 

To download the Beryl Bike App and to find out more information, please click here:

Bus Services

The closest bus stops to your new home at Credenhill are the ‘Jellicoe Way’ bus stops which are approximately a 7-minute walk along the A480. 

Credenhill’s bus operators are Sargeants Brothers.  A summary of the routes and timetables are outlined below.  Your Welcome Pack provides more detail regarding the departure times for the more regular 71 and 461/ 462 bus services. 

To view updates and timetables please visit the timetable webpage here:

ServiceRouteMonday – SaturdaySunday
71Hereford – CredenhillHourlyNA
71bHereford – Credenhill0808 and 1907NA
461Hereford – Kington – Llandrindod WellsHourly10:39, 13:39, 16:39
462Hereford – Kington – Llandrindod Wells1336NA
Bus Timetable

Why takes the bus?

There are many reasons why you should consider using the local bus services, such as:

  • The walk to and from the bus is a great way to incorporate some physical activity into your daily routine.
  • You have the opportunity to relax whilst on your journey and could even proactively use your time, such as reading a book or listening to a podcast.
  • Season tickets could offer unlimited travel services and can provide cheaper alternatives than running a car.
  • Contributing towards cleaner air.

Travel By Train

Hereford Railway is located approximately 7km from your new home at Credenhill.  Hereford Rail Station can be reached via a 30-minute bus journey on the 461/ 462 services from the Jellicoe Way bus stops or, a 25-minute cycle ride along the shared cycleway. 

Hereford Railway Station is managed by Transport for Wales and benefits from a range of amenities including a ticket machine and a ticket office, sheltered cycle parking, a car park and refreshment facilities. 

To see Hereford Stations’s live departure board, please visit National Rail’s website here:

Network Railcards

Network Railcards will give you up to a 1/3 off rail fares and will allow you to travel across 16 counties (inc. London).  A variety of railcards which provide discounted train travel tickets can be purchased including:

  • 16-17 Saver
  • 16-25 Railcard
  • 26-30 Railcard
  • Disabled Persons Railcard
  • Family and Friends Railcard
  • Network Railcard
  • Seniour Railcard
  • Two together Railcard
  • Veterans Railcard
  • HM Forces Railcard

For more information on the right railcard for you or to purchase one, please visit the website HERE (

Travelling Sustainably

Lift Sharing

Lift sharing is an easy way to travel sustainably!  To find a car share partner, you can ask around your work place, school or college to find out whether anyone travels in the same way as you. – maybe they travel through Credenhill and therefore can pick you up on the way to work!

If no one you know travels the same way as you, you can register or search your journey on Lift Share ( to find people wanting to share lifts!

Park and Share

Park and Share is a great way to cut travel costs and reduce congestion within Herefordshire.  Instead of sharing vehicles from the start of a journey, commuters meet up at a pub, garden centre, hotel or shop in the scheme, leave one car there and continue on together to their destination!

To find out more information on Park and Share within Herefordshire, please click HERE (

Green Driving Tips

Still need to drive your own car? There are still ways to develop more sustainable habits, why not try some of the following techniques:

  • Remove unnecessary weight from your car such as roof racks or boxes
  • Keep up with regular maintenance and servicing
  • Avoid breaking and accelerating hard by driving smoothly
  • Limit the use of your air conditioning
  • Check your tyres are fully inflated
  • Stick to the speed limit – speeding often leads to higher fuel consumption

Local Travel News

If you are hoping to avoid traffic and being late for work, we recommend accessing the following useful links to keep you up to date with any traffic jams, roadworks or accidents that could affect you journey.

The AA will show you incidents that have occurred within the local area. Helpful for letting you know which routes to avoid before you set off on your journey! Click here:

Hereford Times:

Cycle Streets:

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