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Welcome to Barnaby Mead

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On this page you can find information on:

  • Local shops and centres
  • Bus routes and services
  • Train services and station facilities
  • Local cycle network
  • Traveling sustainably
  • Groups in your local area
  • Local travel news

Your local surroundings

Barnaby Mead is no more than a five-minute walk from your local amenities including your closest bus service, a convenience store, post office, pubs, and shops!

Your local catchment schools are all within reasonable walking or cycle distance:

  • Gillingham Primary School (eight-minute walk, two-minute cycle)
  • Gillingham School (five-minute walk, one-minute cycle)

A number of healthcare facilities are located within reach of your home at Barnaby Mead. These include:

  • Gillingham Medical Practice (thirteen-minute walk or four-minute cycle)
  • Gillingham HS Pharmacy (seven-minute walk or two-minute cycle)
  • Westminster Memory Hospital (Bus X2 to Shaftsbury)

The map below shows the available facilities within your local area in relation to Barnaby Mead:

Bus Services

Barnaby Mead has regular bus services providing excellent links to facilities and services in your surrounding area. The bus stops can be assessed by a short walk from your home.

Your closest bus stops to your home is located on the High Street as is known as Methodist Church stop. Both South West Coaches and Salisbury Red buses operate in this area. There are also services from Bus Shelter stop along the High Street.

The updated services that operate from Methodist Church Stop are shown below:

Make sure to check service updates before you travel!

To access the Salisbury’s Red website for any further information about using the services, please click here.

For information on South West Coaches click here:

Train Services

Your closest station is Gillingham Railway Station (GIL) which is located approximately 1km south of Barnaby Mead.

The station is operated by Southwestern Railway. Services from Gillingham run regularly to London Waterloo, Exeter, and Salisbury.

To find out the live train times, book tickets and keep up to data with any delays, The TrainLine App is the leading app for you. Download it now at the App Store or Google Play store.

Station Facilities

  • 34 secured and sheltered cycle parking spaces
  • Public Telephone/ Wi-Fi
  • CCTV
  • Ticket Office
  • Customer Help Points

Network Railcards

Network Rail offers a variety of railcards which provide discounted train travel tickets across 16 counties (inc. London). These can include:

For more information on the best railcard for you or to purchase one, please visit the website here.

Local Cycle Network

Cycling to work or for leisure activities can offer residents the opportunity to travel sustainably, whilst saving money and keeping fit. There are many local cycle routes close to your new home including the National Cycle Network (NCN) route which include NCR25 which can be accessed south of the site to the west of High Street. This route links with Frome and Longleat NCR24 and also runs south to Poole and Bournemouth.

Cycle Training

Dorset Council are nationally accredited by Bikeability and provide level 1, 2 and 3 training courses funded for free. Many Bikeability courses can occur at schools for children to learn how cycle safely. Adult cycle training vouchers can be provided as a scheme which can offer one-to-one bespoke tuition at a reduced rate.

Both these cycle opportunities can be found on the Dorset Council website, please visit the link to find out about booking your cycling training

Dorset Health Cycle Rides- These cycles are provided weekly for a routine of exercise and the opportunity to meet new people in you community. The rides are led by trained volunteer leaders who create a fun and friendly environment for the cycle rides.

Information for bike hire, timetables and meeting points can be found here.

Local Cycle Shop- Wheels of Dorset– The closest cycle store is located 600m from your home is is a 7-minute walk or a 3-minute cycle


Walking is one of the simplest, most enjoyable, and cost-effective forms of exercise, and it offers a wide range of benefits, from improved health and fitness to reduced stress levels and better mental health. Whether you are looking to explore your new neighborhood, improve your overall well-being, or reduce your carbon footprint, walking is a fantastic way to achieve your goals.

Why not start walking to school each day to start making a small change for a more healthier lifestyle. A map of routes to the local schools is shown below:

Travelling Sustainably

It can start with planning your journey to check for more convenient and sustainable travel options, to considering car sharing or public transport services. Making low emissions a priority is key to being sustainable and you can do this by considering fuel efficiencies and the amount of pollution a trip may emit to our environment.

Making sustainable travel choices can be easier than expected.

Walking and Cycling

There are several benefits to walking and cycling, whether it is to work or a small journey to the shops, it can be incorporated into your everyday lives. Walking and cycling can improve your cardiovascular fitness, lower anxiety, and stress, boost your energy, and strengthen your muscle power.

Alongside the positive health impacts, walking helps to decrease the number of trips made by car use and this is a step forward to supporting the local environment and becoming more sustainable.

There are local walking and cycling groups within your area to get involved with:

Car Sharing – Dorset County Council’s scheme is part of the national Lift share network.

Find out more how to shar lifts and full costs here.

Electric Car Sharing Points

There are local electric charging points within your local area and the two closest accessible points can be found in Gillingham a short distance from your home. Gas Lane Car Park , St Marys Place has available charging points a 350m distance from your home and Asda Gillingham on station road has available charging points at a 550m distance from your home.

To find more charging points or for more information regarding availability, you can visit the live ZapMap.

Local Travel News

If you are hoping to avoid traffic and being late for work, we recommend accessing the following useful links to keep you up to date with any traffic jams, roadworks or accidents that could affect you journey.

The AA will show you incidents that have occurred within the local area. Helpful for letting you know which routes to avoid before you set off on your journey!

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