What is a Travel Plan?

Ever questioned what a travel plan actually is? What it is meant to do? What should it include? Well here is your answer.

A travel plan is a range of measures that can directly help individuals voluntarily make sustainable travel choices and shift use away from the single-occupancy car

Typically, a travel plan includes initiatives such as car sharing, discounted public transport tickets, cycle parking or a personalised plan for your journey.

A travel plan will be specific to your location and will take into account the surrounding public transport and infrastructure, as well as existing travel behavior and preferences.

The aim of a travel plan is to:

  • reduce the number of trips made by single occupancy car and
  • improve accessibility, by promoting wider travel choices and healthier more sustainable travel.

A travel plan can offer a multitude of benefits, not only to the individual,  but also the community and environment that surrounds it.

Why is a Travel Plan needed?

Travel Plans can have a wide range of financial, environmental and health benefits for employers, employees, local communities and the wider environment.

Travel Plans can:

  • Help to overcome parking problems, and help to reduce the need for parking
  • Improve health and wellbeing through more walking and cycling and reducing commuting stress
  • Helps people take advantage of government tax incentives, such as the “cycle to work” scheme.
  • Some developments require a travel plan to pass the planning application stage
  • Help the environment by reducing pollution and congestion
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