West Sussex

Hello West Sussex Resident!

Here are all our sites within West Sussex, where we act as Travel Plan Coordinators!

  • Amblehurst Green, Billingshurst (Devine Homes, A2 Dominion, Bellway Homes and Charles Church)
  • Madgwick Park, Chichester (Barratt David Wilson Homes)
  • Marringdean Acres, Billingshurst (A2 Dominion)
  • Merton Rise, Basingstoke (Persimmon Homes)
  • Mulberry Fields, Horsham (Miller Homes)
  • Solomon’s Seal, Broadbridge Heath (Bellway Homes)
  • The Beeches, Bracklesham (Miller Homes)
  • Kingsland Gate, Hassocks (Bellway Homes)

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