Little Acres, Badshot Lea

Welcome to the Little Acres Travel Plan webpage!

Your area is well served by pedestrian and cycle infrastructure, public transport and local amenities. The development is approximately 640m to the south of Badshot Lea Village Centre, 2.3km south of Aldershot and 2.9km northeast of Farnham.

This page is designed for you! Think of it as your one stop shop for all the latest, up to date information regarding travel and your local area. On this page you can find information on:

  • Local Shops
  • Rail stations and timetables
  • Bus stops and timetables
  • Cycle routes

Much of the information is provided through direct links to other websites, this ensures that the information we provide is up to date.

Walking and Cycling

Farnham & District Ramblers

The local walking group the ‘Ramblers’ have a wide variety of walking trails
around the Surrey/Hampshire border including the beautiful Surrey Hills.
Walks are led by experienced walk leaders and range between 3 to 12 miles. You
are welcome to join for a couple walks before becoming a member and no
experience is needed.

Farnham Road Club

This local cycling group is a friendly and easy-going organisation filled with enthusiastic members equipped with a wide range of experience and abilities. There are a range of activities to get into, from Competitive Time Trials, to the informal Sunday Club Runs and even Mountain-Biking. Memberships are only £16 a year for adults!

Alice Holt Activity Centre

The Alice Holt Activity Centre also provides a range of fitness and wellbeing activities including; Forest Bathing, Nordic Walking, Running classes and team circuit training.

Local Cycle Shops

In Farnham there a number of bike related shops. Halfords is the closest, within a 9 minute cycle from your house. Alternatives include Hoops Velo and East Street Cycles which are both a 16 minute cycle from Little Acres.

Bus Services

The nearest bus stops to your home are located on Badshot Lea Road, accessible via a 5-minute walk. From this bus stop, you have access to service numbers 16, 46 and the 74. The bus operator in your area is Stagecoach.

Rail Services

Little Acres is situated in a great location for rail travel, with two stations in proximity: Aldershot Station is accessible within a 12-minute cycle, whilst Farnham station is within an approximate 20 minute cycle.

Both stations provide services to Alton, Guildford and London Waterloo with
additional services to Ascot available from Aldershot.

Using rail services as your chosen mode of transport is a great way of reaching your end destination via a stress and traffic free journey. You would no longer need to worry about parking or paying for petrol. It also provides you with a number of money saving opportunities from the multiple travel cards available for you and your family

Sustainable Driving

Still need to drive your own car? Fear not. You can still become more sustainable by following these sustainable driving techniques:

  1. Remove unnecessary weight from your car such as roof racks or boxes
  2. Avoid breaking and accelerating hard by diving smoothly
  3. Limit the use of your air conditioning
  4. Check your tyres are fully inflated
  5. Stick to the speed limit – Speeding often leads to higher fuel consumption

Car Sharing

Car sharing is a simple way of cutting the cost of fuel and parking, reducing congestion and pollution and cutting the stress of driving. Liftshare have created a webpage to enable you to register your journey and search to find other drivers who are making the same journey a you, potentially finding a car-share match straight away!

More information can be found at

Local Travel News

Surrey County Council A detailed table of road travel disruptions in the area. If you see the traffic is bad why not hop on the bus or get your bike out? Not only will you get their quicker and save money on fuel but you will also help the environment by lessening congestion and consequently pollution levels.

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