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  • Cycle routes

Much of the information is provided through direct links to other websites, this ensures that the information we provide is up to date.

What’s in your local area?

This Accessibility Map provides you with information on the location of your nearest amenities.


There are several Stagecoach bus services within approximately 800m (10 minutes’ walking distance) and a cycle path close by, which allows access to Farnborough Town Centre located 1.4 miles away. Within an approximate 5 minute walking radius are several Stagecoach bus services operating to Camberley, Reading, Chobham and Wokingham. You can find out more information about these bus services and where to find timetables in the bus section of this page.

Blackwater Shopping Park is situated approximately within 10 minutes walking distance (approximately a 5 minute cycle) from Evolution and offers a range of shops and services including a McDonalds, Halfords, Costa Coffee and Boots. So why not make the most out of it by walking or cycling to the shops on your way home from work?

Approximately 15 minutes’ walk away from Evolution is Frimley High Street, offering local services including Waitrose, chemist, post office, bank and several eateries. Frimley High Street is also located next to Frimley Rail Station, making it the perfect place to visit on your way home.

Farnborough Town Centre is approximately a 30 minute walk away or a 10 minute cycle and offers a multitude of services. Buses also run from Hawley Lane to and from Farnborough Town Centre, which includes Farnborough Main Railway Station, Asda, Farnborough library, B&Q, PC World, Wilkinson’s, chemists and several restaurants.  Kingsmead Shopping Centre is also located in the town centre offering several shops and a cinema, making it the perfect location to plan a work outing or a lunch meeting!

Rail Services

Evolution is in close proximity to three rail stations: Farnborough Main, Frimley and Farnborough North, all of which are operated by South West Trains. The location of these services have been highlighted on the map below. The red square indicates the location of Evolution, Farnborough.


The closest railway station is Frimley Rail Station which is approximately a 15 minute walking distance from Evolution.  Frimley Rail Station operates local services between Ascot and Guildford. Farnborough North Rail Station operates on the same line as Frimley and is approximately a 25 minute walk away. These South West Trains services include intermediary stops such as Aldershot, Camberley, Wanborough and Ash.

Farnborough Main Railway Station offers a wider range of services operating to London Waterloo, Basingstoke and Poole. Intermediary stops include Clapham Junction, Bournemouth, Southampton, Winchester, Weybridge and Woking. The number 1 bus service runs between Farnborough Road and Farnborough Town Centre every 10 minutes, or it is approximately a 10 minute cycle.

For live updates and journey planner services in and out of Farnborough Main, Frimley and Farnborough North visit National Rail Enquiries and click on arrivals or departures accordingly.

You can also create a pocket timetable, which will allow you to create a personalised timetable for up to three selected departures and/or arrivals. This can be downloaded as a PDF and printed from here.

Bus Services

The local bus network offers convenient routes to local destinations with frequent services.  There are three regular bus services the Number 1, 2 and 8 which all operate every 10-20 minutes. All the buses in this area are operated by Stagecoach bus services. There are four bus stops within approximately 5 minutes of the site, located on Grange Road and Hawley Lane. There are also four bus stops within circa 10 minutes of the site on Churchill Crescent and Sand Hill.  Approximately 15 minutes away are two bus stops on Farnborough Road, which operate the Number 1 service between Farnborough Town Centre, Aldershot and Old Dean.

Table 1 below describes what services operate at each bus stop. Timetables for these services can be found here.


A map of all the Stagecoach services operating in Farnborough can be found here.  Make sure to stay up to date with the latest bus timetables and information to make your travel to work even easier!

Cycle Routes 

Why not cycle your commute to work and save money on transport? Not only is cycling a refreshing way to get to or from work but it is also great exercise. The map below is from Rushmoor Borough Council and highlights all the cycle routes in your area. The full cycle map can be found here.

The orange lines indicate cycle lanes on the road, whilst the brown and green paths show off road cycle lanes. The brown paths should be checked before travelling as they are unsurfaced routes. There are two dedicated cycle lanes in the sites vicinity, along with several on road cycle lanes.

You can also visit My Journey Hampshire for further maps and guides on cycling in your local area.


Local travel news

This section is intended to keep you moving. Links below direct you to travel updates in your local area.

My Journey Hampshire ROMANSE (ROad MANagement System for Europe) provides up to the minute traffic and travel information in and around the Hampshire area. If you car share or are thinking about car sharing check out ROMANSE for your latest travel update or if the roads aren’t looking good, why not consider using public transport, cycling and walking instead? Check out journey times, calories burnt and carbon emissions saved using the ROMANSE travel planner.

LiftShareThinking about car sharing? This website page allows you find others traveling to Evolution from your local area! So why not check it out and save money on transport?

BikeBUDIDon’t want to cycle alone? Find someone to cycle your commute with on the BikeBUDI database.

National Rail Enquiries For up to date information on your journey and to search for engineering works on rail routes.

BBC Roads Hampshire Live information on traffic and travel incidents. If you see the traffic is bad, why not hop on the bus or grab your bike. You could beat the traffic, help congestion and lower pollution!

Stagecoach Bus ServicesFor up to date travel news and service updates on all Stagecoach bus services.

WalkBUDIWalking alone doesn’t seem fun? Find someone to walk with using WalkBUDI. WalkBUDI finds people who walk the same route so you never have to walk alone. Not only is this a fun way to meet people in your local area but also adds to the aspect of safety when walking to and from work.

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