Oxfordshire Cycling Network- Have Your Say!

Oxfordshire County Council have announced that residents will be able to take part in exciting new plans to improve the county’s cycling network. OCC have launched a survey enabling residents to understand what cyclists like and/or dislike about cycling in Oxfordshire as well as identifying any specific problem locations they have.

Following the collection of this data, it will be used to help OCC to draw up the first Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIPs). These will help to create a cycle network that is easy to use, attractive and accessible for all.

Considering that it is Cycle to Work Day on Thursday 8th August, Councilor Yvonne Constance has encouraged residents to complete the survey online. Research shows that more and more people are already choosing to cycle. Around 40% of adults in Oxford cycle at least weekly, with around 300,000 cycle trips made in Oxford every week and another 150,000 cycle trips in the rest of Oxfordshire.

As there are still concerns over the safety of certain cycle routes, the aim of the LCWIPs is to help identify better cycle routes. The survey is open until the 6th September: https://consultations.oxfordshire.gov.uk/consult.ti/Cyclesurvey2019/consultationHome scroll down to the bottom and click “other ways to respond to this consultation”.

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