Government announces further funding for Bikeability Scheme

The government has announced that a further £13 million will be invested in the Bikeability Programme following the scheme teaching 3 million children to cycle since the launch of Bikeability in 2006. The continuation of this funding means that the 50% of primary schools across England will be able to access the programme.

Therefore, more schoolchildren are set to benefit from the Bikeability scheme following the additional funding announcement. The announcement comes after the scheme has had a record year with 400,000 children completing the scheme up to April this year.

The Bikeability Scheme is offered at 3 levels based on a child’s age and experience. Training starts with basic bike-handling skills in a traffic-free, controlled environment and builds to managing a variety of traffic conditions on different types of roads.

The scheme forms part of the government’s long-term ambition for cycling and walking to become the natural choices for shorter journeys, or as part of longer journeys, in addition to the £20 million to provide traffic free cycling and walking routes and improved signage, road crossings and accessibility for mobility scooters, wheelchairs and adapted bikes as part of a programme of upgrades for the National Cycle Network.

Considering that being environmentally conscious is of paramount importance, this investment announcement could not be more beneficial or relevant.

Read the full article here

Find out more about the Bikeability Scheme here

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