How coronavirus is driving a revolution in travel

Since the COVID-19 lockdown in the UK many sustainable walking and cycling improvement schemes have been fast tracked. This has seen the implementation of new pedestrian walkways and pop-up bike lanes, which forms part of a nationwide wide effort to create more space for social distancing as Government restrictions begin to lift. Last week the Transport Secretary announced a £250 million emergency fund to help active travel. 

During this period, Local authorities have the ability to use temporary traffic orders to widen pavements, install cycle lanes, create new zebra crossings and close streets to traffic. Over the last week, new walking and cycle spaces have been created in Glasgow, Leicester, York and Brighton to name a few with the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, announcing plans to close a number of roads in London to traffic to create one of the largest car-free areas of any city in the world.  

Has the way you travel changed since lockdown began? Have you noticed any cycle and pedestrian improvements in your local area? Let us know by using @paulbashamassociates on social media or by commenting below! 


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