Portsmouth’s New Cycle Repair Kits

Portsmouth City Council have recently introduced and installed 9 new repair stations so you can fix your bike on the go! These repair stations aren’t just for use by cyclists however, as the kits are also suitable for wheelchair and pram users.  

Source: Portsmouth City Council 

Each station is equipped with a variety of tools plus an air pump and a set of guidance for usage. The tools include a Phillips screwdriver, a flat screwdriver, T25 Torx, an adjustable spanner, flat wrench 8 x 10mm, flat wrench 13 x 15mm, hex key set and tyre levers (plastic with steel core).  

The repair kits can be found in the following locations:  

  • Eastern Road Cycle Path (opposite Sword Sands Road) 
  • Fratton Bridge 
  • Hampshire Terrace (near Mercantile House) 
  • Broad Street (near The Point)  
  • Devonshire Square 
  • Albert Road (near Victoria Road South Junction) 
  • Clarence Esplanade (near Clarence Pier) 
  • South Parade (opp Kirkstall Road) and 
  • Eastney Esplanade/Henderson Road (near Eastney Swimming Baths)  

We would love to hear your feedback on these if you use one and don’t forget to send us a picture or hashtag us on Instagram!  

The question is – which city will follow suit and implement something similar next?  


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